Our Story

SensiChic is passionate about creating exquisite scented candles and home fragrances in a variety of equally stunning design.

Our Products…

Lovingly handmade in batches of 10 in a tiny North-West London kitchen, each scented candle is hand-blended and hand-poured in-house using 100% natural soy wax from renewable sources and the highest oils to ensure clean burning for hours to guarantee you the best care and quality.

As you’ve probably gathered by our name we love all things Chic. We source beautifully stylish candleholders from the classic tumbler to gorgeous designs included in our various collections and bespoke service.

How the idea was born…

It all began in 2011 with a wedding of Southern Italian origin and trying to decide on the perfect ‘Bomboniere’.

In Italian culture, it’s customary to present each household with a gift known as a ‘Bomboniere’. The ‘Bomboniere’ is the perfect way to thank guests for taking part in a special celebration whether it’s a Wedding, Baptism, First Holy Communion or Confirmation with five sugared almonds included symbolising health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

One thing was for sure, the bride-to-be wanted something original, quintessentially English and personal so hand-blended, hand-poured and handmade candles in beautiful vintage-style teacups were to be it. This immediately became a craft love affair with the dream that one day would turn into a family business.

Born in 2013, SensiChic offers a personal service and is open to suggestions and requests should you wish for us to create your perfect candle.



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