The Wonderful Power of PR

It’s been 10 years since the Director & Founder of SensiChic has worked in the Public Relations arena with big budgets to play with for launching new products and creating beautifully packaged creative mailers to entice press to write about a certain item or range, so the element of surprise isn’t as heartfelt when sales are generated due to a piece of coverage as this is what is “expected by the business” due to advertising spend and status within the industry.

However, the feeling of amazement and great achievement that engulfs us on this occasion is extra special… to think that there are individuals out there interested in purchasing one of our products is an honour and a blessing.

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SensiChic is a super tiny brand so every sale made is greatly appreciated! We don’t want to compete with the big boys out there we just want to make premium and exquisite scented candles in a variety of equally stunning designs without the luxury price tag for all to enjoy.

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